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Rain Again

Rain!! More rain is falling to cause more trouble for everyone, to make life miserable and food prices rise, the school and Easter holidays to ruin. Rain can be a blessing in small doses but this year the weather and Mother Nature have lost the plot to come up with an out of control damage plan, preparing for next year when some are saying the world will come to an end, or do they men there will be drastic changes and we'll finally have peace with everyone, no more wars about religion, or for power.

I remember another time where floods surrounded the town, all roads cut in every direction, with trains the only way out. The inlaws had come to stay at the right time so they were there to witness the downfall of their son, no way could they blame me for what had happened.

Didn't think to ask my husband when he arrived home from work with a brand new rifle and a movie camera, I was never told by him how he came by either items until the day I returned home to find both his parents in a flap. I was greeted with the information the police had visited to search the house for the two items, the police had arrested him to take him to the police station. There he was charged with stealing, not for the first time, so way went the job, our home, where we were given one week to vacate, because he had taken parcels he was there to protect and make sure they arrived at their destination.

When he returned home he had to impart with the news, life was fast going down the drain, no way to leave except by train, I didn't say a word, I knew before his return that would be the result, I walked out to the car to go collect boxes ready to pack what belongings we owned. One good thing came from this was the pub wouldn't profit from us any more because we were leaving town. Surely we would have more money but to no avail. The children would have been hungry if I hadn't given them some of my share and I snacked on less substantial food.

But worse was to come. When we arrived at our destination life grew more stressful, less money, and the only place we could find to rent was full of fleas and cockroaches big enough to carry you away, the place should have been condemned years ago. Family life when down the gurgle when he started acting as though he wasn't a married man and hung out with his old drinking buddies and spending money like a millionaire.  The crunch came when the company came to take the care because there wasn't any money to pay the payments, so I handed over the key and told the guy to take it. It wasn't his fault there wasn't any money, I was the one who spent it all, was his way of not taking the blame. So I packed and left. He thought I wouldn't leave if he stopped me from taking the children. But I did, even though it was the hardest thing I have ever done but this was more to prove to him and his family that they were the ones wrong all the time. To all of them I was a rotten mother. They soon found out different when I was no longer there to blame.

Between them they couldn't handle the problems of their own making. His mother only wanted the granddaughter, not the grandson, left to deal with the two was a too much, he was running scared in the event I spoke of what had happened with the abuse I had received, so he send a message to the person who knew where to find me to say our daughter had been killed on the way home from school so I would return to the life of hell I had escaped. But I had relatives who I rang to find out if the story was true and eas told it was a pack of lies. So I made plans to go collect my children and return to my new home with them which I had a lot of help with to regain my children before too much damage was done to their life but not quite soon enough. But that can be another story.



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