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Showing posts from April, 2014

Ferguson Tractor

Old is new again. This tractor has been restored with loving care to attention, and detail, by my cousin. For months it has been stored in my spare shed. Today it moved out. The new owner came to collect it. The happy new owner is on his way back to Mt Isa with his treasure.

Resealing the Road

This is all the machinery. And men. Who fixed the street with new bitumen once the old stuff had been removed. The work had just been finished when the rain set in.

I've had to stop weeding the garden. The lawn is growing. Fast. It had only been mowed about a week ago, Well. It'll have to wait until the rain stops. The ground dries. And until I return from my couple of day on strike. I need a couple of days to regenerate some energy.

I am catching up on writing that has been waiting for me to complete other assignments. I have uploaded. And sent photos. I was suppose to do a couple of weeks ago.

I have finished my horror script. All except checking for typing errors. Have finished re-formatting another script I had over half done. I just have to finish it.

So I'd better get back to finish while the weather stays bad.

Road Works

Catching up on computer work. Today. The council has moved in to dig us the street to repair some of the damage.

I was planning to go out the front to finish of cleaning the gardens, But I didn't want the men to think I watched to do the work properly. Or sticking my behind in the air to distract them from their job.

I have a good excuse if someone calls wanting me to go somewhere. I can't exit my driveway without great difficulty. Had a bit of trouble coming home yesterday when they had started around in the other street.