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Lessons To Learn

Karen stood at the rickety old sink cupboard, the tap on with water running over the onions she peeled to make the mince stretch further to last a couple of meals. More and more tears trickled down her cheeks from the hot smell of the onions, in the end she didn't know if she was crying because of the onions or the struggle to keep a roof over their heads and stomachs full. For years, since her husband had walked away from his family responsibilities leaving behind him a mountain of debt, Karen had kept her counsel and marched forward to hide the disaster from her family with no complaints about her lot. She knew her family were displeased with the tight rein she kept on her purse strings, keeping them in clothes and food, not explaining how she went without for them. Gary tripped on the hole left behind from the missing piece of lino, the pattern and color faded by years of many feet walking on it and the sun burning in where they holy, worn curtains didn't cover the window…