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Today I pay the piper

Why couldn't the sun have risen...later? Every muscle ashes. I rolled over to return to dreamland. Oh. No. I wish the driver of the tilt train would keep his hand off of the whistle. Ah. Well. I'd better rise to finish the job. Or try to. Dressed. I gathered up the clothes to wash. Carried them down the steps to the laundry. Once the washing was set I went to make a much needed coffee. Slipping on gloves, I grabbed the handsaw on my way out the back door. I collected the rubbish bin on my way. The parrots screeched. I had dared to disturb their morning feed. If anyone wanted to sleep in they'd be awake, now. I had a job to do. Anyway. I'd skipped my breakfast. Picking up the pick I started the clean up. I kept a look out for toads. Or snakes. I cringed at the thought of either one appearing from the rubble. My hands. And back. Complained. Taking up the handsaw I cut the limbs into smaller pieces to fit in the bin. I cursed. Why did I listen to Alice? I had more work t…