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Peace Destroyed

                                                            Peace Destroyed Why. What happened to make him do such a crime. How could he be so thoughtless. So cruel to his family. Those are the questions everyone asked all those years, ago. His actions took the lives of two innocent people. Then he took his own life. His actions seemed senseless. Shock of what he'd done stunned the communities for miles around. A couple of day before. Ray had called at our house to sell us some of his vegetables. And fruit. On his way to town where he'd take his crops to sell to the markets. He seemed so happy. Not a worry in the world. We used to buy a lot of his produce from his family because that is how they made their living. Some times, we'd visit the farm to buy fruit, and vegetables. Their place was a lot closer than driving hours to town for fresh supplies. Early one morning. The baker arrived with the sad news of what had happened the day before. We were shocked…