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Thought I'd choose a different topic except for the weather, can't seem to make up its mind what to do, one minute the sun shines, clouds move in fast and rain falls, sometimes the sun shines with rain falling, April showers some are calling them me I say their a nuisance on wash days, or time has come to mow the lawn. Rain is falling and the wind is whistling around the house, my lovely flowers will be blown to bits, members of my family and a friend, have left town for the next three days, that was a sure sign rain would fall once again. With Easter approaching and the school children on holidays, what else can we expect, not that the rain will worry too many of my activities very much, I can work to catch up with writing my stories.

Ghost are among my many friends. Sometimes they can be very annoying when I need to sleep, take over my ideas when writing to take the story their way, when the idea is theirs you have to keep moving forward or you won't have a good nights sleep, or during the day. I'm so used to the noises and bumps during the night, so knock before entering, others zip right in to make this their home.

When my parents and I first moved into the house, there were a lot of time I woke in the middle of the night by the calling of my name, knowing both my parents were not too well, each time I heard my name I jumped out of bed half asleep to make my way to the top of the fifteen steps leading to the floor below, each time stopping before I ventured down the steps. I'd listen for my name to be called, no voice reached me, no lights were on down stairs, I went back to bed to fall in and try to go back to sleep.

One of the novels I wrote the ghosts had a hand in the writing, a very confusing time for me, the idea they planted in my mind, kept changing the plot and me from a sound sleep, finally I climbed out of bed, found a pad and pencil to write down the gist of the story, thinking it would make a good children short story. I went back to bed thinking I would have some piece until I had time to write the story, not knowing how persistent these visitors could be when they had set their mind, for a couple of nights there were a few new hits about changes to the story, then when I failed to venture a start the pressure became so insistent from them, I started the story. Over a period of six weeks, my head was full of all these voices telling me what had to be done, not giving me much peace.

I sat at the computer to work on our short story, not thinking this would take long, night after night the lines of what was to happen changed, people argued in my head, ghosts verses teacher of writing class verses things other members of the group had to say, causing many problems when making sentences. I'd stop typing, hoping they would sort out the answer, then make my own decision how to word the sentence until the next spot that caused another problem

With the help of all the unseen visitors, the end of the story arrived eight weeks later, over 160,000 words had been written, the conclusion had been reached by me, no them, or I may still have been writing the story for years. A few of my other stories do have ghostly themes. At one stage when I desperately needed sleep, I was taking care of my mother, this was a 24/7 job with little to no sleep, listening her walk to the toilet dragging the oxygen tubing along the floor, listening her return to bed, still listening with one ear while trying to sleep. I told the ghosts to go away and leave me alone, the place was dead for a few weeks until I worked out what had happened, my ghostly friend were silent.

At the moment they are a little annoyed with me, I moved my computer down stairs, the heat in the bedroom too hot to work, After I'd moved there were strange noises upstairs, some have take to the move but a few are still unhappy. There are animals as well as people among my visitors, I've felt and heard the noise of a cat digging the claws into the blanket, crawl over me to settle on the bed beside me, only the cat wasn't of the home variety, it slept then left before the rising of the sun. Therefore I never feel alone. Fell as though I'm being watched over while I sleep.



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