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Crumbim Wild Life Sanctuary

We visited the sanctuary on Sunday while we waited for the card players to finish their games. Then we had to return to the club to collect them before the long journey home.

Some of the photos are of the shop. scenery, kangaroos and Kolas. There are too many for one go so I'll do a couple of uploads. I have been slow in doing the photos. For the past few days I have been suffering from pain in one leg. Had to finally buy a stronger pain tablet. Not a favourite. I don't like taking tablets if I can handle the pain. The body doesn't like me popping pills. I end up with more problems then the ones I started with.

I don't know if too much walking upset a problem. Climbing in, and out, of the bus. Or the bit of weeding I did on Tuesday. Maybe. I twisted the wrong way in bed. I woke with the pain on Wednesday. Because of the stronger tablet, I had to go for a Nanny Nap this afternoon. I set some of my photos to upload then went to sleep. Woke a couple of hours later. Now. I…

Lunch Cruise

We had a lunch time cruise around the broad water of the Gold Coast. The Captain pointed out all the places of interest while we feasted on prawn, chicken, salads and fruit. Tea. Coffee. And other drinks were available. The water was calm as a millpond. The only waves were from other crafts speeding past. There was even a guy rising into the air from the water on a jet spout machine. Not a cheap to have a go at lifting from the water with the machine on you back. The trip lasted for two hours.

Her are a few of the photos.

Sand Sculptures

After breakfast. We made our way back to the Gold Coast to view the sand sculptures. Clive let us off. Not many places for buses to park. With walkers. And walking sticks. Slowly. We made our way along the broad walk to look at the completed works. And the ones which the artists were working on. The work was under cover of a tent to protect them from the elements. And destruction of any kind.

Here are the photos I took while on the walk. Scenery. And sculptures.

The blue building is called Skypoint. We went to it in the afternoon. It is 77 floors up. Then. If you have the nerve after the jet ride to the viewing area. You can don a special suit with a harness to then step from the building to walk about 289 steps up to the spire. Sorry. Not my piece of cake. I was able to look at the horizon. But not. DOWN. Didn't want to lose my lovely lunch.


The rest are of the Gold Coast.