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Dawnella The Horse

Oh! Ouch! The shoulders are burning with pain at the moment. I have just finished writing up six pages of a story I had hand written. At the writing I go to we were given the task of marrying two fairy tales to make a new story. I should have had it completed by this morning but the week wasn't long enough. I have sent it off to the lady who runs the group.  It's a wonder I'm not trying to type while I'm sleeping. Like I write the stories while I am suppose to be asleep. So here is a short version on my foal I used to have.

Dawnella was her name. She was born just before dawn one day. I woke to find I had a new addition to the flock. I had to call the vet out to do some stitching because the foal had brushed against the barbed wire, leaving a small, not too deep cut on her leg. She was cute. Looked as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. But looks can be very deciving.

After she was a few week old the mare caught a tick which caused much trouble, this mean the death of such a fine animal. The poison from the tick sent her silly, maybe even blind. She rushed around the paddock in a frenzy running into many objects. The vet was called but he did treat her but the poison had progressed too fast for his treatment to work.

Through out the day the mare grew worse and did too much damage to her body when she kept charging at the fence to escape the madness. Finally, there wasn't nothing we could do but have her put down to stop her suffering. This was a very had decision when we looked at the young foal. But the mother was looking after her not know the foal belonged to her.

I started with trying to feed Dawnella with a special formula but no way would she accept the bottle. Next I tried to feed her with a bucket the way I had fed calves in years past. After have my feet trodden on many time I gave up. Told her she would drink when he stomach began to pinch from hunger. Placing the bucket on the ground in the middle of the paddock, I walked away to hide behind the water tank to watch what she would do.  The stubborn stinker calmly walked up to the bucket, ducked in her head and drank all the milk. So that is the only way I could give her food.

She was very sneaky. When you I worked in the paddock she sneaked up to try to bite me. I woke up to her nasty habit so kept a close eye on her and chased her to show I wasn't going to play her game.

But my daughter she had her quarter. Every time she entered the paddock Dawnella made a bee line for her to torment her. She'd nip if she made their without being seen. Most of the time my daughter ran for cover. Dawnella gave her kind of laugh every time she won. Up until the day I sold her because I was moving into town for my health, Dawnella kept up her battle. The only way my daughter would enter to feed the other animals if I wasn't going to be there was shut her in the other paddock out of harms way.

Sorry, but I have to go. The bed is calling me. The muscles in the shoulders are burning as though someone has started a fire. I can't wait until Tuesday comes around to have the muscles loosened by deep muscle massage. Bill will have his work cut out this time releasing the tension in the muscles. Maybe a hot shower will suffice for tonight. 


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