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Still Waters.

Still waters. What hides beneath the still water? A body of water where no birds swim on the surface of the lagoon. Little perch do swim in the water and leeches do survive in the clay section when the water recedes at certain times of the year. The water is good for drinking, or it used to be, when I lived in the area, we went there to pump water to keep out water tanks full when the railway were late with delivery, or no rain fell to keep them full. One thing we could depend on is that there was a supply of fresh water there for the taking owing to not many animals ventured near the edge for a drink, for they were never seen ever again.

The Aboriginal gentleman who worked with my father kept telling us the story of the Bun yip who lived beneath the surface of the water to grab everything, human or animal, who entered the water.The whole area around had a sacred silence warning people to treat with care. I always felt as though I had to whisper so the Bun yip didn't hear me. Even riding past the lagoon on the road I prayed no part of my bike made a noise to upset the monster.

Then one day when I was a little bored while waiting for the drums to be filled I took a length of hose from the back of the truck to blow bubbles in the water. I lay close to the edge near a tree, the clay around the base of the tree gave way and in I fell surfacing with weed and green slime clinging to my hair. I grabbed hold of some of the tree roots to pull myself around to where I could climb out. Not being able to swim made the experience more scaring plus the thought of the monster might come to drag me out into the deep water never to be seen again.


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Time to slow down

At the end of last year, I had to change doctor. Mine was leaving town. I had only been checking in every six months for repeat scripts. I didn't complain about what I was feeling because I felt he had lost interest. "You must remember you are getting older," was one of his comments.

I did find a new doctor at a different clinic. Boy. What an eye opener. I didn't have to tell him what pains I had. He watched me walk into the room and the questions began. I was examined. What I'd been told was wrong with my muscles was wrong. I nearly jumped from the bed when he moved my leg the wrong way. He listened to my chest. Took my blood pressure. Then began typing on the computer. Pages came spewing out of the printer. I had to go for blood tests. X-rays. Scans. With each result I had to go for more.

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Spring flowers

These are a couple of my flowers in bloom now. I have been trying to weed out the winter weeds to bring my gardens back to shape. My window of opportunity to do this is closing fast. The rain is impeding my progress. And pain. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday to see about having a hip replacement.

These are another two rugs I have been crocheting to go to charities. I am working on a round one and have been building different patterned squares to fit together when I have enough made. I have to go to replenish my stock of wool before I have to go to hospital. I will be unable to drive for a few weeks.

                  Nails. Not needles.
Craft work. Today. Has changed since I was a child.
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Long hard road

Phew. I've just been doing some work I'm not suppose to be doing. I went out to mow half of the back lawn. I shut off the engine when the hip began to complain. And I had to stop to take a few breaths. I will be pleased when all the not working properly parts have been fixed. Well. The exercise took some of the chill from the body. I was shivering when I was sitting at the computer before hand.

This photo is of oranges falling on the ground at an orange orchard we visited last Thursday. I bought a box of lovely, sweet, juicy oranges.

I have been editing and formatting novels I have sitting on the computer. I tried to do self publishing but I'm not a friend of that type of publishing. I would prefer to have a real publisher. Or an agent to handle all the work to get out into the system. I have enough to keep a publisher busy for a long time.

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