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Katie Koala

Have ti improve my photos collection. Didn't have a koala, or a kookaburra. Put in a magpie. One of the ones that squawk until it is given food.

Old Katie Koala live in a forest of Eucalyptus trees.
She couldn't see very well.
Her eyes had been affected with a disease,
She had a knee sense of smell. She was able to smell out the best of the Eucalyptus trees for miles around.
The friend of Katie in her colony tried to keep her away from the stronger, fresher eucalyptus trees because they knew she couldn't handle the taste of the stronger variety of leaves.
Every so often Katie wandered away on her own. Followed the scent of the eucalyptus on the wind. She made her way to the better trees. No matter what danger stood in her way, Katie pressed on to her destination.
She struggled like an olden day adventurer to reach her goal.
No cats or dogs.
No people or cars.
Were going to stop Katie from reaching the place she wanted to be.
What she couldn't see she didn't fear.
On arriving at the trees, Katie climbed up the nearest tree to munch away all night on the tasty leave before trying to find her way home.
This time Katie took a wrong turn.
She didn't make her way back to her colony before the sun began it ascent over the horizon.
Katie Koala struggled her way up the nearest tree to sleep. She tried to settle in the fork of the tree but the branch seemed to have a life of its own. The branch wouldn't stay still. Must be a strong wind, tonight, thought Katie, he mind foggy.
“Ooophs,” sang Katie. “The world is spinning around. And around. I'm going to fall off.”
Katie dug her claws into the bark of the branch of the tall tree. She hung on for dear life.
“Hello,” said Katie, when she was game enough to open her eyes. “Who are you. Hic. What're you doing in my tree. Hic.”
There came no answer. Katie blinked her blurry, double vision eyes. She could still see a long line of koalas sitting in her tree.
“Okay. So you don't want to talk to me. Hic. Would you like to hear me sing. Hic. I like to sing.”
Katie still didn't receive a response from her questions.
“Okay, guys. You asked for this. Hic.”
“Ten fuzzy koalas sitting in a tree,” Katie began. “If I was to push one of you there should be nine left plus me.” Katie pushed with her leg to be rid of one of the ten koalas. When she blinked all the koalas were still there. The fuzzy shapes hadn't moved.
“Would you like me to tell you a story. Hic. I know plenty of storied. Hic.”
No one spoke to Katie Koala. She She believed she had found a good crowd of listeners. Katie decided to tell them a story.
Many, many years past, something happened to the earth.
It turned on the axis to a one hundred and eighty degree angle to the right.
Everyone on the planet became confused.
They never made to where they should have been going. No one knew which way was which.
When time came for Santa Claus to do his Christmas present run, the reindeer became confused. They were used to going the same way every year. This time their radar was out of focus. Santa Claus dropped the wrong presents at the wrong homes.
On Christmas morning the children woke to open their presents from Santa Clause. There were no presents for them. The presents had strange name written on them The presents given by families, and friend, were the only gifts they were able to open.
The world was in an uproar.
Santa Clause had lost his marbles.
He's had too much eggnog before he set out to deliver the presents.
The reindeer were too old. Had they become forgetful.
Had they lost their way.
The reindeer should be put out to pasture. Younger ones trained to do the present run.
The stardust was contaminated which confused the reindeer.
Many children were in tears.
Were inconsolable all day.
Wouldn't eat their lunch.
Something had to be done to console the children and to put Santa Claus back on the most popular guy list.
Urgent messages were sent to Santa Clause to tell him of the mess he had made. He had to fix the problem this very night.
Mary Claus woke her husband to tell him what he had done. The world was made with him. Mary Claus had to call on their sons, Jed, Chris, and Sam, to come to help sort out the mess. The elves would have to travel in each sleigh to sort the presents to make sure they were delivered to the right children.
As Christmas day was drawing toward evening, each of Santa Claus' sons had a knock on the front door of their homes. Each was handed a parcel by an elf with instructions to put on the Santa suit. He was to then climb into the sleigh parked in the street to be taken to meet with their father.
On arriving at the meeting place, Santa gave Jed, Chris, and Sam, a quarter of the world each to go to where they would retrieve the wrong presents. The compass on each sleigh had been reset. Once the presents had been collected the sons had to return, exchange the presents to go to the right places.
So that year Christmas presents were opened on Boxing day. Santa, his sons, and the elves slept well into the next day. The reindeer were exhausted because this year had been a triple run for some of them. Santa Clause prayed the world wouldn't turn again to upset his Christmas run.
“Hey. What happened,” shouted Katie Koala, scratching her head. “Who hit me.”
Katie shook her head to try to focus on the view. They were still there all of those fuzzy kolas. Now, there were pretty colors, too.
“Which one of you hit me on the head.” Jacky Kookaburra laughed his loudest laugh which echoed in Katie's head.
“Go to sleep,” yelled Jacky Kookaburra. “I need my sleep.”
Jacky Kookaburra, how did you get on the moon. Don't you think the stare look lovely. Such bright colors.”
“We're not on the moon,” yelled Jacky Kookaburra. “You must have bumped your head.”
Katie Kookaburra had received a bump on her head. It was from the stone Jackie had dropped on her head. He did this to try to stop her talking. Prayed she'd go to sleep. Maybe he should go tell her family where to find Katie so they'd come to take her home.
“Wheee. I'm on the moon,” cried Katie. “There's the stars. The rainbow. The shiny thing must be mars.”
Katie bounced on the branch of the tree she was sitting on. She thought she was bouncing on the moon.
Jacky Kookaburra, fed up with the noise decided to fly away to find her family. To tell them where to find her. He'd just taken off when there was a large, crashing sound.
Jacky Kookaburra flew all the faster to find her family to come quick. Katie may have hurt herself when she fell.
Jacky Kookaburra returned with her family.
Katie was rocking back, and forth, where she sat on the broken branch. She was singing very loud.
Over the moon, hic.
Around the stars, hic.
Slide down the rainbow, hic.
An I'm off to Mars, hic.
Katie was having a lovely time.
She was enjoying her party.
She moved slower, and slower, until she toppled to the ground, asleep.
The family knew Katie Koala was asleep because of the loud snoring noise she made.
While Katie Koala was asleep, her family, and animal friends helped carry her home.
“Where am I,” Katie Koala asked, when she woke. She sat holding her head in her paws. “Have I been sick?”
“Must be space-lag,” everyone suggested.
“Space-lag. What's space-lag?”
Everyone began to sing the song now known as 'Old Katie's Song' but it had more words added to it.
Over the moon we go. Around the stars in the sky. Slide down the edge of the rainbow. And we're off to see Mars. Every so often the song echoed through the bush to remind Katie Koala what she had done. A reminder to keep away from the strong Eucalyptus trees.


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