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Days grow longer

My Desert Roses have begun to flower. Maybe because I have moved them to a different location.

I am on the last of my jobs to be done. I have cleaned all through the bottom section of the house. Made a room ready for when I get the call to go to hospital to have the first of my operations. I am to have the right hips replacement fixed first. The surgeon has to scrape out all the Arthritis from the joint before he puts in the new joint. Then I have to have the left hip and knee fixed. Hopefully I'll be able to live without pain.

I have washed all the windows and replaced some of the curtains, which fell to pieces in the wash. I didn't like how some of them were made. They collected too much dust. My bed is made and the room set ready for after the operations. I didn't want to try to walk up fifteen steps.

Now, I am at the gardening stage. I am trying to get ride of all the weeds to place my pot plants on the beds. I haven't been able to give them much water of late because I have been waiting for the plumber to come fix some taps. I did give them a drink this morning. I went out with a pair of plies and a can of spray. The tap freed enough for the water to run. I connected the new hose and reel. The one I had to buy to replace the one which was stolen a few months ago. I took it from the tap and put the reel back in the shed so this one didn't grow legs to walk away. At least the ground should be a little softer to dig out the weeds. I do a little bit until the hips begin to ache then have a spell.

During the winter months, I had been crocheting rugs for charity. One lady seen the round one and decided it would look beautiful as a Poncho. She is headed for colder climates in the near future. She asked. 'Can you cut the middle out?' I thought she had lost the plot. You can't just cut the middle from a piece of crocheting.

I did. Cut out the middle. Not with a pair of scissors. After a few wrong tries. And a few headaches. I had to pullout what I had started because it looked wrong. Trial and error with a little frustration, I finally worked it out. I took about ten rows from the middle. Made a chain long enough to go over the head then set to work on what was left of the pattern.

There was a lot of excitement when I arrived with three Ponchos completed. I didn't know what colors she would like. I hoped I'd have a couple for myself.

Val took the red one. Wilma top one. I was left with the middle one. For now. Betty came over to ask me to make her one in different blue shades. I bought wool on the way home and have begun to build it. I hope she will like the shades I have chosen.

Ah. Well. I have used up a bit of my spare time. Time for lunch.


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