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Been Lost

By the time, the last couple of months of 2013 arrived I was exhausted. I was like a flower left too long in a vase - I'd begun to wild, and fade. I seemed to have too many places to be on each day, there weren't enough of me to be at all of them. Some had to go by the wayside. Energy. And time. Were all used up. I still hadn't made plans to travel away to spend time with some of my family.

Usually. I'm at home house sitting. And car storing. But this time, I had to put the wishes of family, first. I handed over the security of the house to another friend. The car's owner wasn't returning to April, so I didn't have to be home to give him the key, and collect him from the station.

I finally made my plans to travel with friends on a bus. They were all off on a Christmas holiday. I should have been going with them but, my grandson, Mitchell, wanted me to go up to Moranbah to see his house. The best kept secret was set into place. Right up to the moment I walked into the door of his home.

Go to this site for the full story    :

You will also be able to read some of my past 500 word stories I wrote last year.

This is Santa Claus Clive. He played Santa at our break-up Christmas party. The next day, he was the driver of the bus taking us north.

These are photos I took where we stayed at the True Blue Motor Inn north of Rockhampton. I took them before we left to continue on our trip. The kangaroos were hopping around at the back of the motel. A couple were have a boxing match, and rolling around in the dirt.

We had morning tea at Waverly River rest area. This cute bird brought its family to ask for a few scraps to eat. The area has grown since the last time I had stopped there on one of my journeys north. 

This is where my part of the trip ended. We had lunch at Mackay. I was collected from there by my Aunt Pearl. I stayed the night with her. The next morning, she took me over to see Uncle Frank. Later in the afternoon, my daughter Michelle, and Jenni, called to collect me. We arrived just before dark at my daughter Leanne's home. From there. We went around to surprise Mitchell. Best kept secret. Probably won't happen ever again. He'll be awake up to me.

Happy New Year to all.


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